Invest in your team with a revolutionary financial coaching program for employees.

Financial coaching is quickly becoming one of the most requested financial wellness benefits. Elevate your financial wellness package with Paycheck on Purpose. 

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Value For Your Employees

  • They will learn a new, efficient way of budgeting.
  • Their financial stress will be reduced.¬†
  • They'll be able to set financial goals with a purpose.
  • Your team will receive tools that they can use immediately.
  • Employees will be empowered to pay off debt and save for the future.¬†

Value For Your Company

  • You'll notice a boost employee morale.
  • Your business will enjoy the benefits from increased productivity.
  • You'll see decreased absenteeism.
  • The company will have a¬†reduction in¬†stress related expenses.¬†
  • You're employees will feel empowered with money.
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Program Features

It's empowering.

Using a goal-focused approach, Paycheck on Purpose show your employees how to take control of their finances.  

It's revolutionary.

Old-school budgeting doesn't work. Your team members will learn how to create a money plan for their unique situation.

It's interactive

Paycheck on Purpose isn't a lecture. Tools, resources and case studies foster employee confidence with money.

Program Details


Here's a glimpse of the companies that have benefitted from Paycheck on Purpose:

Women's Council of Realtors (Orange County)
The Klapper Group
 BetterCapital Group
Calvary Chapel of the Harbour
Blue-White Industries
Westcliff University

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