What Our Clients Are Saying

"As a real estate agent, my finances were out of control, I had debt I was paying on but couldn’t seem to gain any traction. My wife and I had goals and plans, but it seemed as if we would never get there. When we meet with Dawnette, she not only gave us a roadmap of how to accomplish tackling our debt (both with our business and personal) and saving to buy a house but she gave us hope, peace of mind and certainty that we can have the lifestyle we desire. On the business side, she has helped tremendously with my employees and getting them on a plan. Their minds are now at peace and they work better and harder for my company."

– Aaron K., Manhattan Beach, CA


"We contacted Dawnette because we needed to get insight on some financial decisions that we needed to make in the near future. We are both self-employed, which has its pros and cons but it is something we love doing and we enjoy the benefits of. We were doing all the right things with having an emergency fund, keeping our business and personal finances separate, and keeping a monthly budget. She is helping guide and talking us through this time in our lives where we need to make some very big decisions. She has also helped us to really think and talk about what we want to do with the rest of our lives, where we want to live and what is best for our family. It is really great to have an outside voice to take a look without judgment or emotional ties and give good sound guidance."

– Patty & Bob K., Torrance, CA


"Dawnette had been touching base with me for about a year before we were finally ready to have a coaching session. My wife and I had been over spending in every category and we always had a dream of buying a house in the next few years and a lot of one-time expenses coming up. It was causing a ton of stress in our marriage and we wanted to gain control of our money. Since we meet with her in March we have paid off over $27,000 in debt, have funded the two vacations that we planned, have all our bills paid and all our categories are getting funded as well. My wife and I are beginning to communicate more and more and I feel like we have made a ton of progress in a few short months."

– Gregg & Robin C., Irvine, CA

"This learning experience has been an eye opener, learning from budgeting to vacation possibilities. I didn’t realize how much I actually spend on miscellaneous expenses until today! Great way to achieve my budgeting is putting cash away in envelopes, something learned today. So thank you."

– CC

"I learned that I need to be more aware of what I spend my money on and how much things really cost."

– Alex, Garden Grove

"When we first began to meet with Dawnette, we were barely making it and it was just draining us. We had some goals that we wanted to hit but didn’t see a path to get there. Dawnette brought us so much hope and clarity. She has helped us create a personalized, working budget for our family. Even though we are still hitting some bumps in the road, she always assures us to keep focused and keep going. It is so awesome to be able to have someone that is helping us navigate our financial wellness."

– Carrie & Ron C., Hawthorne, CA

"Dawnette isn’t just a financial coach, she’s a friend. She’s there to talk about not just finances but also life and is there for me to support and lift me up. To say she is understanding is an understatement. She never belittles my progress, no matter how slow it is. Being coached by her is priceless, I would pay all the money in the world for her guidance. "

– Jake B.

"To put it quite simply, we've completed more in the past year working with Dawnette than we have in our 33 years of marriage. In one short year with Dawnette's kind and patient teaching, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Many years we struggled to keep a budget. We had awesome excel spreadsheets but they never worked. We are in our mid 50s and frankly it was beyond embarrassing to live paycheck to paycheck. We make a good living, and there was no reason not to succeed and even have a retirement plan. We are private so group meetings were not for us. It wasn't easy sharing our financial dirty laundry but even after our first meeting with Dawnette we felt like a huge load had been removed from our shoulders. We had finally found someone that was going to show us how to put all of the pieces together! It was not easy, but it has been rewarding. Dawnette's encouragement and "you can do this" attitude was tremendously helpful. She was always very supportive and never made us feel bad about our previous financial choices. If you are reading this testimony and are still on the fence, we say jump! It will be the best thing you ever do. We wish we had done it sooner! The peace of mind you get with a dwindling snowball balance and the zero balanced budget is truly indescribable."

– Deb & John

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